Check out these ideas to boost your MK Holiday pleasures! Choose a few ideas to run with and start planning now! 

Thanks to all directors/consultants who have contributed items on this page!

*Holiday 2018 on Mary Kay InTouch*

*Mary Kay Holiday Guide*

 *Holiday Strategy Packet 2018*

*Holiday Strategy Guide 2018*

*Holiday Planning Packet

*Holiday Plan of Action*

*Happy Holiday Plan*

 *Gift Giving Just Got Easier*

 *Holiday Goal Poster*

*Simple Christmas Sales*

 *$10,000 Cash Plan*

 *$10,000 Cash Plan* Option 2

 *Christmas Without Chaos*

 *Holiday Sales Plan*

*12 Ways to Finish Your Star*

*Serious Cash Potential*

*Mary Kay Little Book of Gifts 2018*


*Corporate Sales vs. Consumer Sales*

 *Capturing the Corporate Market*

 *Holiday Sales to Businesses*

*Executive Business Letter*

*Executive Gift Shopping Service*

 *Executive Brochure*

 *Corporate Worksheet*


*Holiday Book Show*

 *Holiday Web Party*

 *Holiday Booking Ideas*

 *Quick Holiday Makeovers*

 *Holiday Left Right Game*

 *Overcoming Holiday Booking Objections*

 *Holiday Stop & Shop*

*Holiday Trunk Show*

*Trunk Show*

*$100 Free Winter Postcard*


Holiday Coffees

 *Christmas Coffee*

 *Holiday Coffee*

 *Holiday Coffee Invitation*

*Holiday Coffee Video*

Open Houses

*Open House Invite*

*Wish List 2018*

*Be Delighted Open House Invite*

*Spice Up Your Holiday Open House*

*Open House 101*

 *Open House tips*

*Tips for A Successful Open House*

*Open House Coupons*

*Holiday Gift List*

 *Postcard Invitation*

 *Open House Invitation*

 *Poem Invitation*

 *Open House Invitation - editable*

*Holiday Display*

*Open House Training Video*

*What's Next after your Open House?*

Selling & Packaging Ideas 

*Selling to Men in general*

*Selling Baskets to Men*

*Wrapping Up Christmas Packaging Guide*

 *Holiday on the Road*

 *Holiday Stop & Shop*

 *Trunk Show Invitations*

 *Snowman Soup*

 *Adopt A Grandparent

*Adopt a Grandparent 2*

*Holiday for the Elderly*

 *Secret Santa Fun Pack*

 *Shave Cream Guys*

 *Gas Gloves*

*Hand Cream Snowman - Wrapper * Tag * Photo *  Video

Gift Tages * Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 *

*Cupcake Socks*

*Simple Holiday Packaging Video*

12 Days of Christmas


*12 Days How to*

*12 Days Order Form*

 *12 Days Basket*

 *12 Days Gift Tags*

 *12 Days Husband Letter*

 *12 Days Pictures*

 *12 Days Poem*

 *12 Days - Ways to Say I Love You*

*Pillow Gift Instructions*

*Pillow Gift Tag - Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays*

*Selling to Men*

Customer Service

*Holiday Wish list*

*Customer Holiday Postcard*

*Holiday Wish List*

 *Secret Santa Wish List*

 *Half Page Wish List*

 *Robert Jones Holiday Glamour*

 *Gift Basket Inserts*


*Holiday Pilot Program*

*Holiday Pilot Program Option 2*

*Begin Your MK Career During the Holidays*

*Holiday Jingle*

*10 Reasons to begin during the Holidays*

 *Christmas Club*

 *Serious Holiday Cash*

*Extra $1,500 Flyer*

 *Car for the Holidays*

*Holiday Sharing Brochure*

Gift Certificates

 *VIP Holiday Shopping*

 *Holiday Gift Certificate #1*

 *Holiday Gift Certificate #2*

 *Holiday Gift Certificate #3*

 *Holiday Gift Certificate #4*

 *Holiday Gift Certificate #5*

 *Holiday Gift Certificate #6*

*Holiday Gift Card*

Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Give Thanks Customer Specials Calendar
Pumpkin Marketing
Booking Thanks-Giving Appts
Booking Thanksgiving Refferals
Thanksgiving Gift Certificates
Temptation/Goodie Basket
Thanksgiving Plan Sheet
Lets Talk Turkey - Thanksgiving Week Strategy
Thanksgiving Oven Mitt Postcard
Thanksgiving 24 Hour Sale
Virtual Makeover Party
Thanksgiving Fun Pack
Thanksgiving Sale
Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts Ideas
Thanksgiving Gift Certificates

*Turn Black Friday Pink Flyer*
*Turn Black Friday Pink Postcard*
*Black Friday Gift Certificates*
*Pink Friday Postcard*
*Black Friday Postcard 2018*
Black Friday Postcard (editable - change date to 24th)
Tips for a Successful Black Friday Sale

*Cyber Monday*